Carol of the Bells (The Daydream Club Version) http http As it’s Christmas we’ve put together a little rendition of Carol of the Bells (the song from Home Alone). Merry Christmas everyone!!

Sheet music for Carol of the Bells (music Folk) is available for downloading in digital format.

Kristen Miller “Carol of the Bells”

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Hard Rock / Metal Christmas songs? I’m looking for some new Christmas songs this year. I already have the following songs:KoRn – Kidnap The Sandy ClawsDemon Hunter – The WindPsychostick – Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joy (Album)Austrian Death Machine – Jingle BellsTrans Syberian Orchestra w/ Metallica – Carol of the BellsCorey Taylor – X-M@$I prefer Hard Rock or Metal songs rather than Punk Rock or Folk and I like anything with or without harsh vocals in it. I listen to music from Lamb of God to Ra. Any help with some new Christmas songs would be greatly appreciatedThanks!

Sheet music for Carol of the Bells (music Folk) is available for downloading in digital format.

august burns red-carol of the bellso come o come emanuel little drummer boygod rest ye merry gentlemen

August Burns Red – Carol of the BellsChuck Billy – Silent Nightand everything on the We Wish You A Metal Xmas & A Headbanging New Year album

Original Christmas related metal songs:Theocracy – – All I Want For – Hope From – Man From – Christmas Ever/SarajevoCovers of Christmas Songs:X-Mas Project (Rage/Living Death) – Jingle Project (Tankard) – Stille Nacht (Silent Night in German) Tom (Sodom) – Jingle Metal X-Mas (Testament/Anthrax) – Silent Project (Rage/Living Death) – Silent Project (Rage/Living Death) – Mary’s Boy

Ideas for jazzy christmas songs to play at senior home? My friend and I both love music, and we decided to play some gigs at Old Folks’ Homes in our town. The shows will probably be in early December.We’ve played gigs before, but never at a place like a seniors home. Also, it’s near Christmas, so we have to learn some cool holiday material that will be both fun to play and good for the seniors to listen to.My friend plays guitar. He specializes in shredding and 80’s style heir and arena metal, but he can play other styles very well too. I play jazz piano, and am studying classical music. We both love to compose and arrange.These old folks will probably like jazz and traditional carols. I already wrote jazzy arrangements for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and O Tannebaum (O’ christmas tree), as well as a funky latin fusion thing that has melodies from Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Silver Bells woven into it. My friend knows some old-time christmas tunes on both guitar and cello, although he’d probably prefer to do the jazz.Does anybody know of any fun jazz arrangements of christmas songs? I can’t sight read, because I am visually impaired and I play by ear. Both my friend and I can read guitar tab, and we both know music theory. Feel free to just leave chord progressions to cool christmas tunes.
The ones by Nat King Cole. They are on “The Nat King Cole Christmas Album”. You can find it on amazon.Here is one of these

Some great ideas for jazzy christmas songs for you with guitar tab links:The Holly & The On The Wish You A Merry Twelve Days Of Rest Ye Merry can choose from this link a wide variety of christmas songs for your repertoire, check it luck!