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Digital sheet music source: Lennon – Back In The USSR

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Is the song “Back in the USSR” (from John Lennon/Paul McCartney) pro-communism or against communism? Here are the lyrics:Flew in from Miami Beach BOACDidn’t get to bed last nightOn the way the paper bag was on my kneeMan I had a dreadful flightI’m back in the U.S.S.R.You don’t know how lucky you are boyBack in the U.S.S.R.Been away so long I hardly knew the placeGee it’s good to be back homeLeave it till tomorrow to unpack my caseHoney disconnect the phoneI’m back in the U.S.S.R.You don’t know how lucky you are boyBack in the U.S.S.R.Well the Ukraine girls really knock me outThey leave the West behindAnd Moscow girls make me sing and shoutThat Georgia’s always on my mind.I’m back in the U.S.S.R.You don’t know how lucky you are boysBack in the U.S.S.R.Show me round your snow peaked mountains way down southTake me to your daddy’s farmLet me hear your balalaika’s ringing outCome and keep your comrade warm.I’m back in the U.S.S.R. You don’t know how lucky you are boysBack in the U.S

Digital sheet music source: Lennon – Back In The USSR

Neither. It’s just about being glad to be back, etc. The lyrics are pretty straightforward. You can’t really relate any of them to communism.good or bad. McCartney has said that it’s kind of a parody of The Beach Boys “California Girls” and that the title/idea also came from the Chuck Berry song “Back In The USA”.

Does John Lennon sing too high for a baritone? I’m want to sing the older stuff by the beatles (Help!, Can’t Buy me Love, Please Mr. Postman, Back in the USSR, etc) but I’m not sure if its really in my range. Can I sing Lennon if I’m a baritone and my highest pitch would be high Mi on the Bass clef? GeorgeHarrison was baritone, right?10 points for best answer! please be descriptive!Thank you in advance (:
Since the American Idol contestants are singing Lennon/McCartney songs again? If they chose the following songs, do you think they would sing these well?Chikezie- I Wanna Be Your ManBrooke White- The Long and Winding RoadDavid Archuleta- Hey JudeRamiele Malubay- YesterdayDavid Cook- Get BackAmanda Overmyer- Helter SkelterMichael Johns- Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsKristy Lee Cook- I’ve Just Seen a FaceJason Castro- And I Love HerCarly Smithson- Day TripperSyesha Mercado- Back in the USSR
I’d like to see a George Harrison song or two.Mine are:Michael Oh DarlingSyesha Don’t Let Me DownDavid A. While My Guitar Gently WeepsDavid C. Back in the USSRChickezie Hello GoodbyeCarly Long and Winding RoadAmanda Helter Skelter (we agree on that–it’s about all she can do)Kristy I’ve Just Seen a Face (and we agree there too)Brooke When I’m 64Ramiele Hey Jude (she needs something not as boring)Jason Norwegian Wood.quirky like him

I think those are perfect songs for all of them! Especially David archuleta, I think he would really shine on that one. The only person I’m not sure about it Ramiele. I think if she chose that song she might get cut because she could be too boring again. But otherwise I think they would all do a good job on those songs.

Good picks.Especially for Amanda. I think she needs the most help.Although she is the top of’s list.

Here’s my list.CARLY – “Revolution”BROOKE – “Yesterday”AMANDA – “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”RAMIELE – “Good Day Sunshine”SYESHA – “Get Back”KRISTY LEE – ” Love Me Do”DAVID A – “Hey Jude”DAVID C – “I Am The Walrus”MICHAEL – “A Little Help From My Friends” (Joe Cocker cover)JASON – “Here, There and Everywhere”CHIKEZIE – “Helter Skelter”

Do Americans not realize that this healthcare thing is exactly the same as set up in USSR and China, N. Korea? Fact: when the Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917 they demanded that every single citizen buy a health-insurance policy or else face jail time or big fines; when the Chinese took over China in 1949, Mao Tse Tung ordered them to buy a health care policy or else; when the North Koreans took over North Korea after their victory in the Korean War they demanded that every citizen buy health insurance; when the commies took over Saigon and put Viet Nam back together, Ho Chi Minh ordered all the Vietnamese to buy mandated health insurance from the companies that were providing it —probably Aetna or Blue Cross or Cigna or Golden Rule. That is the first sign of communism and now it’s here in America. When communists take over, the first thing they do is order all the citizens to buy health insurance from the health insurance companies. You cannot deny this —Stalin did it in Russia, Mao did it in China and Ho Chi Minh did it after the Viet Cong took over Viet Nam. That is what communists do, they order their citizens to buy (under penalty of a $750 fine) health insurance from one of the companies that offers it, like Blue Cross or Aetna. That’s what happened in the USSR and China and North Korea and Cuba and Vietnam and now it’s happening here. Castro, Lennon, Minh, Mao and others would be proud. We’re on the path to communism making every American buy insurance from an insurance company.
Every Canadian is also forced to have health care, but our “insurance company” is the government, and the government is us. So we pay, but without the greedy insurance company in the loopI missed your rant against, schools, libraries, police, fire etc (all for the common good)

I know so many Americans are stuck in the Cold war right. Yeah um what about all those Social democracies who have way less laws on there books than we do in the states, have all the freedoms and liberties we have and um have socialized health care with higher standard of living accross the board. I could turn this around and mention the USA puts most of our GDP into the military. so did those countries. we must have started this trend torward communism 200 years ago. Man we are slow, at this rate we might become a social democracy in another 500 year time. about a thousand to become a full fledged communist state. Whooo hoooo Look out Karl Marx there is a new player in town!

What a load of crap – in Communist systems these things were provided automatically – you didn’t sign up for anything.

Sorry, but that’s not what happened.Nice try at revising history, but you’re so dead wrong on what happened in 1917 on.

You clearly know nothing about health care in China. I work in healthcare in China and what you say is utter nonsense. No one in China is ordered to buy health insurance. The vast majority don’t have health care insurance and even if they did they probably couldn’t find a hospital willing to accept it.I have never read such ignorant drivel in my life.(And it was Lenin in Russia. Lennon was a pop singer! Cretin!)

China, the former USSR, and North Korea all have health care systems that are state-funded and state-managed. You can compare that to our VA and Military Health Care systems. But the health care system we just adopted mandates that everyone have health insurance. They’re not the same.

If our health care system – the one we HAD before Obama sold us down the river, was SO bad, why did all the people come here to get fixed or have treatment? Why did they send conjoined twins here to be separated? Couldn’t they have been done in their own countries? Look how many people our doctors have given of their time without being paid, to help foreigners when THEIR countries didn’t have the technology!? Is this Administration going to curtail these kind of procedures now that it is in control? What happens to those great doctors and their skills? Maybe, they can continue practicing in other countries where they won’t be taxed. They could travel around the world away from the claws of this Government, or, if they didn’t want to leave, they could become Vets! Oops! I had better be careful what I say, or they’ll be taxing those guys too!!

I realize that this is a rant, filled with half truths, full lies, and total nonsense. It would be a fine speech, if any of it were actually true. But nice try at fear mongering.

I didn’t know that North Korea had private insurance companies. Have Cigna or WellPoint opened branches in the country?

Everyone is so concerned about “socialized medicine” aka healthcare run by the government.WHAT DO YOU THINK MEDICARE/MEDICAID IS ?